All You Need to Know About Model Suites

When a developer is building a model suite they design it to grab your attention, impress you at every angle, with spacious design and fantastic upgrades. But is this what your condo is going to look like? No, so you need to be aware of what you are buying and what has been added to make the model suite look more appealing.

Most model suites are extremely spacious, with an airy feel. Keep in mind that the model suites ceiling may be higher then your actual unit, model suites are often in commercial spaces and or lofts where the ceilings are 10 feet or higher which would not be standard with most condos. Also most have no doors between rooms, this is a trick to give the illusion of more space.

The difference between standard and upgrade should be established, the kitchen looks amazing with its granite counter top and high end appliances, but these are upgrades and will be an additional cost. Are you prepared for this added expense? Also find out what the standard finishes are and are they what you had in mind? When you walk through the model suite there are built in bookcases, desks and storage, the developer has done this to give the condo the “move right in feel “, the standard egg shell white painted drywall is more likely what you will be moving in with.

The developer will fill the model suite with the most beautiful, luxurious furniture and lighting to sell the unit. The developer may spend $2800.00 on a chandelier you must try to see the dining room without this glorious center piece, forget the luxuries and make sure that the condo will function for you.

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