New Condo and Your PDI

So your new condo is ready for occupancy, congratulations! As exciting as this time is you must not for to protect your investment. You may have been waiting up to 4 years for this day and you want to be ready for what lies ahead. This is when you need to schedule you PDI(pre-delivery inspection).A PDI is an important step in new construction ownership and should be taken seriously and conducted carefully.

Basically a PDI is a walkthrough of your new property prior to closing, with this opportunity you and the builder’s representative can observe and list all pre-existing deficiencies (incomplete, missing or damaged items) of the condominium. This list will act as evidence that these deficiencies were pre-existing and did not occur after you moved in to your condo.

Some things to keep in mind while conducting you PDI

  • Be thorough. As you tour your condo look for scratches, marks and damages to walls, ceilings and doors. Run all taps, ensure that hot and cold water work, flush all toilets, pull all handles, open all doors and cabinets. Check all floors are even and that hardwood floors and tiles have no cracks.


  • Keep in mind your builder representative will be involved in your requests to the builder/developer ,be friendly and respectful having a good rapport with the representative will be helpful in future dealings. Those being said, don’t let your rep rush you through your inspection. Anything you do not list will most likely not be addressed by builder.


  • Remember your APS, an agreement of purchase and sale will list all finishes, features and upgrades you have paid for, ensure that these are all in place.


  • Save your Money. Don’t hire a home inspector. Home inspectors are crucial in the purchase of an older home, but this is a new condo and their services would be unhelpful and expensive.


  • Bring a friend. For two reasons 1)You may feel more comfortable bringing up concerns to the builder rep and 2)Two sets of eyes are better then one.


  • If something is missed there is a 30-day form. If after you take possession you find a deficiency you can go through TARION. Going through TARION is not the easiest route and your time may be better spent getting things done through you builder.


Good luck with your PDI!

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