133 Hazelton Avenue

Yorkville Condos


Location: 133 Hazelton Ave Toronto


In the very exclusive neighborhood of Yorkville, 133 Hazelton Ave is a must see if it is luxurious life you are after. 24/ 7 concierge services that will cater to your every whim, here at 133 Hazelton Condos,  impeccable service is of the utmost importance. Residents will also enjoy the fitness centre with state of the art machines and equipment, yoga and pilates room all while basking in the natural light provided by the floor to ceiling glass windows. Some other amenities at 133 Hazelton Condos are the guest suites, screening room, event room and the lounge.


36 Hazelton Avenue

Yorkville Condos


Location: 36 Hazelton Ave Toronto

Number of units: 19



36 Hazelton Avenue is located at the centre of Yorkville and Toronto’s most exclusive neighborhood. With only 19 suites this is certainly a boutique and elite condominium. Suites range in size from 1800 sq ft to 2200 sq ft and penthouses up to 6000 sq ft ; these units are definitely the definition of luxury! Enjoy the tree-lined streets of Yorkville, the world class shopping and Toronto’s finest restaurants, 36 Hazelton is the address that offers it all.



Exhibit Residences:

Yorkville Condos


Location: 42 Charles Street

Builder: Bazis International

Number of units: 200

Number of floors: 32


Exhibit Condos at 200 Bloor Street West is the exciting new condo development from Bazis International Developers with 32 storey’s and about 200 suites… this is a high rise not to be missed. This new project is located at Avenue Road and Bloor St West in the heart of Downtown Toronto with easy subway access and a short walk to schools, shopping, restaurants, art galleries and The ROM. The suites will be the height of luxury at Exhibit Condos with wrap-around windows, and balconies featuring incredible views. The Amenities at Exhibit Condos at 200 Bloor are top notch with fitness centre with yoga studio with gorgeous view of gardens, 24/7 concierge service. The ninth floor is where the most of the fun can be had – two lounges with double sided fireplaces, private dining room with catering kitchen, bar, outdoor rooftop garden with trees, private seating areas water features and pool.

Exclusive Economic Outlook Event | Learn About Yorkville Condos and The Market

My office….RE/MAX Hallmark is partnering with TD Canada Trust to bring you an Exclusive Economic Outlook event with Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, TD Canada Trust. Mr. Alexander is one of the foremost authorities on the Canadian economy, making regular appearances on BNN and the major news networks.


The event will be held February 23rd, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Spirale Banquet & Convention Centre located at 888 Don Mills Road, just north of Eglinton Avenue West in Toronto.

This event is available exclusively to RE/MAX Hallmark Clients! Whether you are buying or selling, starting your career or retiring, saving, investing, or simply trying to learn more about our economy and how it impacts your personal finance, this is an excellent opportunity to get an inside perspective.


Please note that space is limited! If you would like to attend please contact me



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Free Toronto Buyers Guide | Complete Guide to Buying a Toronto Condo

The New Toronto Condo buyers guide is NOW available.  This 43 Page Buyers guide is a great starting point for any new buyer thinking of purchasing a Toronto condominium.  If you are new to the Toronto Condo market or just need an update, it is a great resource and answers some very interesting questions you may not have thought of.  Simply send us an email to receive your free copy. 

Topics Covered in the Guide:

1 – Condominium Ownership.
What Is a Condominium? .
What Types of Condominiums Are There? .
What Do I Own When I Buy a Condominium? .
Are Condominium Regulations the Same Across Canada?.
What Rules and Restrictions Might I Encounter in a Condominium?.
Who Takes Care of the Building and Grounds?.
What Insurance Will I Need?.
Can I Rent My Condominium?.
2 – What Type of Condominium is Right for Me?.
New, Re-sale or Conversion—What Are the Differences?.
New Condominiums .
Conversion Condominiums.
Existing/Re-sale Condominiums.
Affordability—How Much Will it Cost? .
Condominium Contributions—What’s Included in My Fees?.
Extraordinary Expenses.
Questions to Ask in Choosing a Condominium.
3 – Getting Help from the Experts.
Who Should I Consult about Buying a Condominium?.
How do I Know if a Condominium is in Good Financial Condition?.
How do I Know if a Condominium is in Good Physical Condition?.
Physical Checklist.
What Information Does the Condominium Corporation Have that Could Help Me? 


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Hire Me an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

So you have made the exciting decision to buy a new condo in Toronto! First things first, you must hire your own exclusive buyer’s agent. This is a big investment and you have to be careful and this first step may be the most important.

Walking into a the new development‘s sales office and buying something from one of there sales people is a big mistake. The sales people in that office work for the developer, all their obligations are to the builder. This does not sound like someone who will protect your interest and try to get you the best deal possible now does it?

With an exclusive buyer’s agent your interests are top priority. Also the builder always pays the buyer’s agent fees, so you get the knowledge and expertise of a buyer’s agent without any cost to you. An exclusive buyer’s agent is familiar with every new condo project, staggered sales and knows the market, when to buy, what stage to save the most amount of money and to see the biggest selection of units.

So why hire me as your Exclusive buyer’s agent?

My experience is one of my greatest assets. Having sold units at projects all over this great city I know the dos and don’ts, and the potential pitfalls that come with purchasing a pre-construction condo. By getting my client in at the earliest stage of a new development I can save them thousand s of dollars. I know the questions to ask and the things to look out for. I know who’s who in the industry, if someone has a bad reputation I will know and be able to steer you in the direction of more reputable builders. I will also be able to direct you to a lawyer to through your Agreement of purchase and sale, so you know what it is you have agreed to, as well as inform you of any changes that could or should be put to the agreement.

Unlike the builders sales people I am not trying to sell you the condo, my job is to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most informed decision possible. My commitment as your agent does not end when you sign your purchase agreement, I will still be your agent 3-4 years down the road when your condo is finished and you close on the property. There can be many issues between signing the agreement and the final closing and it is important to have a professional agent at your service through this whole process.

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Have a Lawyer Go Over Your Agreement of Purchase and Sale on New Condo

Congratulations on purchasing a pre-construction condo! Technically you have not bought the condo yet, you are in what is called the 10 Day Rescission/cooling off period, you have signed the paperwork and the deposit cheque, but now what? Well any good buyer’s agent will tell you it is essential to promptly get your APS (agreement of purchase and sale) to a lawyer for review. If your buyers agent has not stated this, it may be cause for concern, you cannot rely on the word of a sales representative in the condo presentation room with commitment of this magnitude.

These are just some of the subjects a lawyer will be helpful with.

  • HST Rebate
  • Superfluous charges
  • Closing cost caps
  • Assignment Clause
  • Investment property clause
  • Variances in Square footage

HST Rebate. This was formally the GST rebate and is built in to the purchase price of the condo and is for end-user buyers. On closing you may have to pay this back if you will not be living in the unit.  Your lawyer can advise you on how this will work if purchasing for investment and after final closing you may apply to the government to receive this rebate back.

Waiving Superfluous Charges. Developers can be creative on your purchase agreements and add sur-charges and fees in relation to the property purchase. Your lawyer can negotiate to have these waived.

Closing Cost Caps. Putting a cap on closing costs and adjustments will protect you from being caught off guard with a shockingly high total at closing. Your lawyer should advise a cap on things such as development and education levies, surcharges and hydro/gas hook up. A “good” cap may range from $2500.00  to $5000.00 without these caps your closing costs could rise well over 10 thousand dollars.

Assignment Clause. An assignment clause allows you to sell the property prior to occupancy. If you are buying as an investment your lawyer will recommend this.

Investment Property Clause. Is this an income property? Most contracts state you cannot rent during the occupancy period. Be up front with your lawyer and be clear if this will not be you residence but an investment property. Your lawyer can request a clause which will allow you to rent this new property.

Variances in Square footage. Chances are the copy of your unit’s floor plan will not have Dimensions or footage listed, discuss this with your lawyer. In some instances you may get an 800 sq.ft unit instead of a 900 sq ft unit, your lawyer may be helpful in working out these variances with the builder. The Ontario New Home Warranty Act and TARION only state guidelines for this situation and no actual law, there for an agreement with the builder would be the only course of action.

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Other Options for Mortgage Pre-approval

You have your deposit structure all worked out but securing a mortgage pre-approval can be tricky for a number of reasons.

  • Lower Income
  • Self Employed
  • Not enough employment history
  • Borrowed too much money already, over leveraged


But you do have options for getting pre-approved. Using a mortgage broker who works with many different lenders oppose to the one lender the builder uses who chances are is one of Canada’s Big-5 that have very strict lending standards. The builder must consent to the use of a mortgage broker, but with builder approval this is a viable option.

Sometimes a builder is satisfied with a “Letter of Commitment”.  A letter of commitment is like a less formal mortgage approval. Your bank manager could write you one, if your relationship with the bank is good and long standing one it should not be a problem.

Another option is getting a co-signer. If you can foresee that by the time the condo is finished you will be better off financially then this may be the best option for you. Before the closing date you can remove the co-signer, they would not be responsible for any payments and you still have purchased your condo.

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All You Need to Know About Model Suites

When a developer is building a model suite they design it to grab your attention, impress you at every angle, with spacious design and fantastic upgrades. But is this what your condo is going to look like? No, so you need to be aware of what you are buying and what has been added to make the model suite look more appealing.

Most model suites are extremely spacious, with an airy feel. Keep in mind that the model suites ceiling may be higher then your actual unit, model suites are often in commercial spaces and or lofts where the ceilings are 10 feet or higher which would not be standard with most condos. Also most have no doors between rooms, this is a trick to give the illusion of more space.

The difference between standard and upgrade should be established, the kitchen looks amazing with its granite counter top and high end appliances, but these are upgrades and will be an additional cost. Are you prepared for this added expense? Also find out what the standard finishes are and are they what you had in mind? When you walk through the model suite there are built in bookcases, desks and storage, the developer has done this to give the condo the “move right in feel “, the standard egg shell white painted drywall is more likely what you will be moving in with.

The developer will fill the model suite with the most beautiful, luxurious furniture and lighting to sell the unit. The developer may spend $2800.00 on a chandelier you must try to see the dining room without this glorious center piece, forget the luxuries and make sure that the condo will function for you.

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Never Sign in With a Developer

Did you know when your first walk in to a condo sales office and you are asked to sign in, give your information and “register with us” that you are giving up your right to be independently represented at that condo development on any future purchase? Many people do not know this and the front desk clerk taking your information have certainly not shared this with you.

Giving up your right to be represented put you in the hands of the sales people that work for the builder and have no obligation to you or your interests. Protect those interests, the developer pays the fee for you to be represented by an exclusive buyers agent, it cost you nothing.

If you are really pressured to fill out the registration form by all means fill it out with your agent’s info, if they do not allow you to do this, well alarm bells should be ringing for you. You may want to think twice about buying from this builder.

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